Bryson Quinney

Bryson Quinney is a huge sports fan, so he was thrilled to receive the invitation to attend the Jazz–76ers game. He said, “Heck yeah, we can go watch him play it because I want to watch Donovan Mitchell beat up on Ben Simmons.” Quinney yelled for Mitchell even though Simmons scored 42 points. According to dad, he had a great time and loved it.

So on Monday, Bryson Quinney officially became the first “Hero” for Dreams in Motion. Quinney is a young man from Lyman, Wyoming, and he received a heart transplant less than a year ago. Quinney has had a number of challenges and has been valiant in dealing with those. He has a great LOVE for the Utah Jazz. Dreams in Motion will be giving Quinney a first class experience for an upcoming Utah Jazz game this season. He is the perfect example of who we want to recognize. I’m honored to be a co-founder of Dreams in Motion along with the other co-founder, my friend, Joel Brown. A big thanks has to go out to my longtime friend, board of director member Cody Beers for helping us with Quinney and getting him the letter. We have an AMAZING board of directors of 10 people from Wyoming and Utah who have a passion for helping others along with the love of sports. I certainly can’t wait to see what Dreams in Motion does in the future.